Five Mistakes To Avoid In Muscle Building

Muscle building is a physical practice that many people around the world participate in. from body builders to those who just want to tone their bodies, muscle building helps us stay healthy as well as look good physically. Muscle building is strenuous and tough on the body and there are mistakes that can be made in this process. To stay safe and healthy, muscle builders should avoid common mistakes in the practice. Below are a few examples of mistakes to avoid in muscle building.

#1 Training Too Much

To grow muscles, you need to provide your body with a stimulus and then stop to allow your muscles and body to rest and start the recovery process. Without rest, you will never be able to meet your maximum muscle growth potential. It is best to limit your muscle building workout out to four workouts per week, spaced out every other day. Rest is essential to your overall muscle building success.

#2 Pump Training Only

When it comes to pumping iron, many muscle builders stick to the amount of pump repetitions. It may look good to do fifteen rep sets, but your muscles will not grow. Continue to add weight to your workout so you can increase your size gradually over time. Adding weight will allow your muscle to grow. Your repetition may be lowered but your muscle mass will increase.

#3 Spreading Out Intensity

Many times, muscle builders will seek a high intensity workout time and time again. It is important for workouts to have their intensity spread out. Make sure that you substitute high intensity with low intensity so your workout is balanced each and every time. High intensity work outs at all times can cause burn out and injury, which is unhealthy for you. Keep your intensity level balanced to ensure that you will remain healthy during your workouts.

#4 Forgetting Your Workout Journal

It is very important for muscle builders to remember to journal their workouts. Each time you workout, you should write down the amount you lift as well as repetitions. This way, you can continue to add reps or weight to build your muscle gradually. Keeping track of your progress will help you meet your goal each time you step foot inside the gym. Most people have a hard time remembering what they had for supper the night before so remembering each weight you used for each exercise is impossible. This is why the journal is so important!

#5  Not Including Nutrition Plan

The diet plan you decide to follow is imperative to the success of muscle building. If you do not take care to follow a sufficient diet plan, you will not be able to see the maximum results for your body. It is extremely important to make sure that you fuel your body so it gives you enough energy to be able to work out. You should try and eat balanced meals that are full of protein and veggies as well as fiber. It is important to plan ahead to stick to your plan. Take the time to plan out your meals and prep your meals ahead of time so you can easily access the food you need, when you need  it.

Avoiding the mistakes above will help you be successful when it comes to Fitness and Weight loss. It is important to take your time and research your diet plan as well as workout regime. Work with a professional trainer to find out exactly what your body needs to gain muscle. A trained professional will be able to give you the knowledge you need to be able succeed.


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Guest Post on Five Tips To Choose Your Gym Wear

Once a workout is complete, you are usually exhausted; sore but feeling great for working out! There are many benefits to exercise and most people who work out on a regular basis learn as much as they can about working out to be able to reap the benefits and rewards. However, many do not know that the clothing worn during a workout has a big impact on how you will feel after you have exercised. Below are five tips to choose your gym wear for work out.


One factor that should be considered with workout clothing is the fabric. Workout clothes come in many different fabric options but certain fabrics will work better than others. one option is breathable synthetics. This fabric option is used to help keep the sweat away from your skin. The fabric will evaporate and then help keep your body cool as you work out.

It is also best to avoid fabric choices that do not breathe. Any clothing made form rubber based products or plastic will keep your sweat from evaporating and will make you very hot during your work out. This can be dangerous as you may overheat or become exhausted quickly.

2.The Right Fit

It is also important to make sure that your workout clothes fit properly. clothing choices should be loose and comfortable so you are comfortable during your workout. However, the type of exercise should also be considered. If you are planning on going biking it would be prudent to wear tighter fitting clothing so they do not become lodged in your pedals or feet while biking.

3.Consider The Seasons

It is also important to consider the season. If the weather is warm, you will want to choose a fabric that breathes and allows the sweat to evaporate quickly. You will want to remain cool and comfortable during your workout so you can stay cool and avoid exhaustion or overheating.

During colder weather you will need to dress warmly but avoid becoming too warm during your workout. Layers can be applied to the body so you can dress warmly but remove a layer if needed during your workout. The inner layer should be material that will evaporate the sweat so you can remain comfortable during your workout.

During rainy or windy weather, it is important to consider an outer layer. You will want to wear some type of jacket or suit so that you will not become wet during your workout.


Another factor that should be considered when dressing for a workout is undergarment selection. The undergarments worn should be well fitting and supportive. Women who work out in a gym or run on a regular basis should invest in a properly fitting sports bra. Men who work out on a regular basis should invest in an athletic supporter. These undergarments will help you stay comfortable as well as able to work out more freely.


Footwear is a very important choice when it comes to what to wear at the gym. The type of exercise should be considered as well as your needs. You want to wear a shoe that is comfortable but also created for the type of exercise you will be completing. Light footwear should be used for yoga and Pilates activities while a different type of shoe will be used when running and doing other physical activities.

All of these factors should be considered before you start your  work out.If you wear the proper gear,it would be easy to achieve your Fitness goal.

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Weight Loss Through Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese method to treat many human ailments since long time. This treatment process is completely different from the modern medical system. It is not about injections and pills. The treatment is done through needles which are inserted into your body at certain points so as to stimulate a specific region in the brain and bring the desired results. It may comprise of some herbal medicines that are to be taken along with the acupuncture treatment but it basically relies on needle treatment. Recently some other forms of acupuncture treatment have come into existence and these are known as laser acupuncture, ear acupuncture, acupressure, etc.

The primary thought on which the acupuncture theory relies on, is that your body has certain life force channels and these forces are called energy meridians. The life forces are called Qi which is pronounced as “chee”. It uses no medicines but just  needles to sting at certain points on your body as the treatment process. The energy meridians are known to be responsible for controlling the body energy so as to bring desired effect on hormonal secretions and activities of the body. There are many health issues that are treated using acupuncture but these days it has been found out that you can even achieve weight loss through acupuncture. Acupuncture is a safe and secure method to lose weight. However, make sure that you get it done by some professional acupuncturist.

Acupuncture that is done in order to lose weight, increases your body metabolism and makes you feel more energetic. It is well known that greater the metabolic rate of your body, more is the rate at which you burn the calories. Thus, your body metabolism plays a vital role in losing weight. At a higher metabolism, your body burns calories even when you are at rest. It also helps in the regulation of certain hormones that play an important role in maintaining your energy and calorie burn process. Some hormones that get affected from it controls your food cravings and helps you eat less amount of calories. One more important fact about this treatment process is that once you find out the reason for the instant rise in weight, you can target that very reason so as to clear the root cause and get a permanent and effective result. It relieves you from stress and depression and makes you feel fresh and energetic. It is well known that stress may lead to weight gain and emotional eating too. Thus making you feel mentally and emotionally well, acupuncture can keep you healthy. You also get assisted in maintaining a proper eating habit.

When knowing the acupuncture weight loss treatment, the total treatment process may consist of about 12 to 16 sessions. The first sessions may be of about 90 minutes and then the rest of the sessions would be of about 60 minutes each. They may call you on several days for the weight loss sessions. They may even ask you to have some herbal medicines after the treatment process.

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Raw Food Diet Results Before and After

Raw food diet refers to food that is eaten without cooking. Although it doesn’t mean that each and everything you eat is completely uncooked. Some food materials can be cooked to a certain temperature or can be steamed but about 75% of the food items are completely uncooked. Vegetables and fruits are the food items that are used in such type of diet. However, raw food diet may also contain some non-vegetarian food items in it. These foods are generally eaten raw and are dried. For an example, Japanese eat raw and dried fish as a raw food diet. These days people follow these types of feeding habits so as to reduce their body weight. It has been observed that cooking destroys about 85% of the nutrients present in food and therefore raw foods are really healthier.

Raw Food Before and After

Before Raw Food: People who were suffering from health issues like sugar cravings, obesity, thyroid problems, cholesterol problems, headache, etc. Some people who were suffering from lack of energy and sluggishness also felt relieved from these issues. Raw food diet has brought drastic changes in life of many people. You may feel cravings for cooked food in the initial stage of raw food diet. But gradually you will get adjusted to the raw food plan and will for sure benefit from the plan. Dry skin problems may also arise. To prevent these issues, you should follow the FDA rules for raw food diet. Raw foods keep you energetic throughout the day. You may also experience weight loss after having raw food diet.

After Raw Food Diet: It brings an overall change in your health. People who have shifted to a raw food diet say that they have experienced a lot many health benefits. It has been observed that people who have been on such a diet have experienced immediate illness as soon as they have shifted to a cooked food diet. Many of them believe that raw food is the best food that you can have if you want to stay healthy.

Raw food diet in considered as best for your health. It does not include vegetarian meal but also animal and sea foods but they are eaten raw or dried. You too can implement this feeding habit in your daily meal but make sure that you can stay on this plan for long time.

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What are Hypnosis Programs that Help to Lose Weigh

Hypnosis is a process that develops a communication channel between your mind and body, through your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is more receptive when talking about constructive signals that you may get through your hypnotic imaginations. Your subconscious mind is responsible for controlling your habits and unintended acts. This is why hypnosis makes you get into a certain habit suggested to your body by your mind. Hypnosis in itself is not a process that burns fats from your body. It would rather help you easily follow the processes that are helpful to lose weight. Well known to most of you may be that your daily diets and lifestyle are the players that either make you win or lose your fight for a healthy fit body. A qualified clinical hypnosis practitioner can help you to follow the procedure of hypnosis in a better and effective way.

What are hypnosis programs? These are nothing but specifically designed programs that include hypnotic processes targeting your diet and lifestyle habits. They assist you to develop a habit of healthy food habits and lifestyles. Most of the people feel it very difficult to include certain foods in their diet just for the reason that they do not like the taste of the food. They may get carried away by the likes of their taste buds and may alter the healthy food diet prescribed as per a weight loss plan. This is where hypnosis plans work. It strengthens you and you are able to control your desire for junk food.

These programs are available in the form of audio and video CD’s. You can watch the video and hear the instructions through the headphones. Just concentrate to it and you will be able to make changes in your subconscious mind. Once it gets settled in your mind, it will keep on guiding you without your intention and you will automatically feel like being healthy. It also brings confidence in you. The plan may ask not more than 30 minutes time in a day. There are various such plans available in the market and you can choose one that you feel in within your budget or trustful.

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Guest Post on Air Conditioners in Fitness Centers

Physical fitness is very important for many individuals all over the world. Millions of people visit a fitness center every day to stay in shape, build muscles and endurance. There are many benefits to working out in a fitness center, besides remaining healthy. One benefit is the fact that a fitness center is the air conditioning. It is very comfortable to workout in an air conditioned environment. Below we will list the benefits of air conditioning in fitness centers.


Of course, as we mentioned above, working out in an air conditioned fitness center is comfortable. Working out, whether it is lifting weights or doing cardio will cause you to sweat. Remaining cool will allow you to sweat but remain comfortable. You will be able to sweat but remain with less moisture so you will not be slipping and sliding on the equipment.


It is very important to have air conditioning when working out for your overall health. As you work out, your heart rate increases. Without proper cooling you can become overheated and pass out. With a constant flow of air in the fitness center, you will be able push yourself to your physical limits without worrying about passing out from heat stroke.

Cool Down

It is important to cool down after working out. Your muscles need to cool off before you go back to your day to day activities. It helps to have air conditioning during this process. You want to be able to calm yourself and relax as you stretch and cool down. If you are without air conditioning, you can become very hot, making it difficult to cool down after your workout.


It is also important to control your breathing when working out, especially during a cardio workout. Have you ever tried to breathe in extreme heat? It can be very difficult. Now imagine trying to breathe when your breath rate is up and the temperatures are unbelievably hot. It would be impossible. This is why air conditioning is so important in a fitness center. Cool air allows you to breathe deeply and fast while you work out without the feeling of suffocation or shortness of breath.

Overall, air conditioning is very important when working out. Before signing up for a fitness center membership, it is important to make sure they have adequate cooling. Simply ask around to fellow members or the employees of the fitness center about how well the center is cooled during workouts.

Author is regular reader of this blog and caters to home heating and air conditioning San Francisco needs.

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How to Build Six Pack Abs

Everybody wants to build a six pack abs. Here I’m sharing  some ideas about how to build six pack abs having weight loss exercise for men,

Interval Training Exercises

Interval training exercises are specially advised for obese and overweight people. It is a more intense workout as compared to cardio and has the ability to speed up the metabolism rate without affecting your health. As per a clinical research made on its effectiveness, it was concluded that such exercises can help you burn more calories while improving the aerobic capacity. Start with 30 seconds of workout and then slowly speed up to 1 minute. Performing such exercises for 12-15 times will help you achieve your ideal weight.

Jump-roping and Box Jumps For Stamina- building Weight Loss

It is the most popular type of exercise for building up the stamina and shedding of those unnecessary pounds. It also improves the body posture and encourages momentum building with the help of different level of boxes on which you will have to jump.


Men who wish to lose weight from lower abdominal area such as thighs and improve the body muscles can perform this exercise. It may seem easy to perform, but chances are high for you to get tired in 3 minutes. You are advised to perform this exercise for not more than 10 minutes. If you have enough time and you are not much exhausted then you can do lunges as well.

Tips to Consider

While following a regular workout, you are advised to switch to a healthy option of eating.

The basic foods which contain nutrients and vitamins, fiber, iron, and calcium along with the perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fast must be given to the body. Foods such as eggs, fish, chicken, seeds, vegetables, oils, pulses and soy foods are advised for quick weight reduction.

Once you understand different weight loss exercises for men and their importance, ensure that you follow them on a regular basis. If you had any kind of injury in the past then I’ll suggest you to consult with your doctor and diagnose whether it is safe to perform weight loss exercises same as to in the past. Performing such types of exercises are a healthy way to lose weight and stay fit for a long time.


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